Why so sloooowww??

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Allegan Bowhunter
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Why so sloooowww??

Postby Allegan Bowhunter » March 6th, 2010, 4:01 pm

Don't want to complain about the forums, I really enjoy them and learn from them every time I am on but am curious if I am the only one that has the forum load very slow at times.

I will click a link to a thread and sometimes it will just sit and not load... shows its working but goes no where.   If I click again it often times will load.  Same thing when posting or creating new threads... sometimes the site just sits and spins... going no where.

This is both here and the Deer and Deer Hunting forums nnd both on my home PC with dialup and my laptop at highspeed locations.

For the admin:  Is there anything I can do or that is being done to speed it up?


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