Thursday hunt

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Thursday hunt

Postby roughrider123 » May 6th, 2010, 2:46 pm

Tried out same bird for yesterday and walking up the dirt road he starts gobbling at 5:20. Set up on his side of the road 100 yards out and shooting good for 30yds plus. A gagle of crows sets in and starts all kind of ruckus at his gobbling, first time I witnessed that and it went on for 15 min. After they leave I hit him with some soft clucks and he answers every time. I wait till I think he's on the ground and hammer him with 3 different box calls this time and he's all hot again. This continues till 7am and now he's quiet. I give a cluck and he answers once. I figure he's moving off a bit and decide to move to the road and slide by him quietly to get in front of him. Busted again. He was still in the tree with a buddy at 7:15. They were roosted 50yds off the road and saw me sneeking along. game over. He needs a break and so do I. Striper fishing tomorrow on the Hudson river. This is sure one dead forum. Is it that bad in Pa?

roughrider out

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RE: Thursday hunt

Postby MAK » May 14th, 2010, 2:57 am

Too many guys out hunting, no time to type! It will be the end of June b/4 I catch up on my to do list.
They seem to stay in the roost longer now - lot's of hens makes them know the girls will come to them - and now they're educated it will be even tougher.
Good luck, change tactics, change calls, change location, change underwear, change............. ????
Keep at it, I think it will only get better as the season proceeds. 

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