A bit stumped

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A bit stumped

Postby fishhead4268 » May 16th, 2009, 1:13 am

Hello All,  I am new to this forum and have only been hunting Turkeys in NY for 3 years so I have a lot to learn!!  I have a 152 acres of really nice land that I hunt for spring and fall Turkey and deer as well, and coyotes when I can put them down!!  This year started off really nice as my daughter got her first NY bird,(she just turned 12) and there where birds everywhere on the property.  Our scouting before opening day was real good as usual with many birds on the property and some real nice shooters!!  Being patient as we had many birds to see I passed up a good number looking for the boss man but then on the Sat before mothers day the owner of the land that runs adjacent to ours harvested about 10 -15 big pines from the pine row in the north side of the property where there where birds roosting all the time.  The birds just seemed to move deeper into the pine row wich was ok with me as it runs a good 250 yards into my property and widens out to the creek.  The problem is that the birds come off roost really early and go in all different directions and seem to not come back together.  I dont always go to hunt roosted birds as I like to mix it up alot but they have become somewhat nutty!  Could the cutting of just a few of those pines have freaked out this perticular number of birds?  They dont even come together and hit the fresh tilled field like they used to.  Just trying to understand what I am doing wrong or what to try next. The other birds on the property are not a train wreck like these as my dad has come up and harvested a real nice bird on Tuesday with me.  We worked the big tom from the pine row for 3 days and he was so skidish.  Any insight would be great, thanx

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