NY Mid-Season

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NY Mid-Season

Postby JeffCrez » May 16th, 2014, 10:18 am

Hi All, How's it going you NY guys. Do to a rainy forecast and a very late spring, I delayed my Otsego County hunt till
the second week of the season. That seemed to pay off as the birds were very hot. While I did not get a shot, the amount
of gobbling combined with a couple very close encounters made for a memorable hunt. I was expecting fewer birds this
year because of the very harsh winter but that was not the case.
The one thing that really presented itself was the difficulty of hunting in wide open woods. There wasn't a leaf any where.
Not only does that make it really hard to hide any movements, but it makes it harder to get a bird in close enough for a shot.
They hear your call, come in close enough where they know the hen should be, and when they don't see the hen when looking
out 100 yds through the woods, they turn and go in a different direction. That's exactly what happened to me on a decent

I'm planning a second trip for the third week in May. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and there will enough leaf cover
to make for better cover. Hope you guys are having fun......JeffCrez.
"Fall hunting is maneuvers, Spring hunting is war".......Tom Kelly

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Re: NY Mid-Season

Postby retranger » May 18th, 2014, 6:36 am

I had a couple birds the first two days. Gobbling like crazy but not interested in anything I had. Have not had anything since. I need to find some new land as my honey holes are drying up. good luck to you ;) ;)
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