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Postby arrowsonly » April 18th, 2009, 2:42 am

Thanks to some bug the emerald ash #$%&?
I need to buy firewood at a authorized state dealer, the staff that manages the WMA I hunt allows picking up downed limbs. Anyone heard anything different ...
Can't wait May 5-9 and If I am lucky in MN I will "hop" the Mississippi & hunt in WI on the Wisconsin!
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RE: firewood

Postby Steve_In » April 18th, 2009, 3:08 am

Ash borers are bad news.  Bats, tool handles etc are going to be hard to come by in the future.  They seem to have a good supply of fiberglass trees though.  In Indiana they collect all wood at the gate except for State certified vendor wood.  They have a bonfire with the collected wood.  They are just trying to stop the spread.  You can not haul wood from an infected county.  Our season opens next week.  I will be guiding my son on a WMA draw hunt next Sat & Sunday.
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