Minnesota Turkey Hunt

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Minnesota Turkey Hunt

Postby arrowsonly » May 10th, 2009, 1:16 am

[:D] Great trip! Home safe, no trouble, low pressure only 1/2 other hunters, 4/5 mushroom pickers and one lone camp "cat" lookin' for food scraps. 2 days of rain that we needed, nice all day soakers.The birds stayed in the woods unlike most long rainy days when they will head to the fields. 3 days of sunny and warm 65/70, a bit windy every day before the storm fronts would blow thru. Just got out the "cherry bomb" from Madd Calls, I still think it sounds the best of my 5/6 calls. Not much activity, long 8/10 hour sits w/no birds. Good gobbling on the limb, fly down & "shut up" w/who I don't know cause there were very few hens & little to no hen talk either.  20 min. bike ride w/a 5 min walk back to my double bull. I only moved it three times, deeper into the pocket. Were a ridge, a corn/alfafa field and large row pines all met in a corner. This is SE MN wide open farm land w/pockets of woods and some nasty coulee's, hills so steep you need to crawl up them. The birds wood seem to roost right over the edge.
I would like to thank the state of MN DNR and its people for the best turkey hunting trips I could ever ask for. Root River Grocery, Cox Hardware, the litte Pizza/Sub/Ice Cream place were else can you camp and get a pizza! Coffee Shop w/WI-FI but I let that at home, Carla @TrailHead Park...    
I won't be back for a while I am sad to say, 20/30 thousand dollars worth of doors & windows come first. Turkey huntin' can wait my house comes first. Thank you Emily w/o you none of this would be possiable...
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