2011 MN Fall Turkey Applications due July29TH

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Re: 2011 MN Fall Turkey Applications due July29TH

Postby turkey junky » September 15th, 2011, 9:19 pm

been think n of takeing some cheese head turkeys 4 a few yrs have family in the grantsburg wood lake area used 2 hunt deer there & chase ruffed grouse could also chase pheasants in the area its prity game rich turkeys were seen on the land also but i dont want 2 chase turkeys that far north!!! its all just huge blocks of forest with some verry verry small farms not my idea of prime turkey habitat!!! i would be lost hunting turkey in large blocks of forest like deer... but i do have a areas id love to try down in the melrose,sparta,viroqua,genoa areas of WS i love the drift-less areas of MN,WS,IA,IL MN coulee country is wear i cut my teeth chase n turkeys around the caladonia houston 349 areas of MN... so id feel more at home down that way!!! im also thinking of chase n turkeys around the osceola,new richmond,farmington areas of extream west central WS herd they have been knock n down plenty of birds on both sides of the st.croix in that area but its ageain kinda woodsy & im more into hunting hills or heavaly farmed flat/or rolling hills & land with wooded creeks 2 work... is see on maps online there are some farms & agriculture in the areas located write on the st croix in the area so i mite head to cheese land next spring??? got to many other things 2 chase this fall on my side of the border & may head 2 KANSAS nov 12th & try 2 get a mixed bag RIO GRANDE TURKEY, PHEASANTS,BONWHITE QUAIL & PRAIRIE CHICKENS seen all them game bird species on 1 road on a 2 mile stretch of rual KS farmland all WIHA this spring while chase n gobblers it was like game bird heaven in the mornings while set up under huge cottonwood trees i could hear turkeys gobble prairie chicken boom bobwhite quail whistle bob white & pheasant cackle it was sweet also tons of duck in the area & huge deer!!! both mule/whitetail!!!


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