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Postby turkey junky » May 3rd, 2013, 7:01 pm

well guys due to the crazy cold weather & water temps as of late my family is planing on heading to SE MN to go trout fishing instead of lake fishing this fishing opener... also my 2 uncles cousin & my buddy will also buy a season F turkey license & try to tag a bird while we are down there the birds have got to be more vocal then when i went down 4/24???

we will be trying to get 2 hunters 1st turkeys my buddy & my uncle will both be going for there 1st turkey hunts & 1st birds so we are excited the 5-6 inches+ of snow on the ground down there now sure suck but i hope the weather hold up for us & is nice for next wk-end & monday???

my cousin & 2 uncles were not able to make there season B hunts due to work & being scared to hunt in cold temps lol so they are going for season F hope all works out for us/them...

me & my father may pick up a WI tag & hang down in the driftless region a few days extra & hunt or go down early & hunt WI then head to MN to camp trout fish & show my buddy & uncle the area we hunt???

depending on the SD weather my father & i are contemplating heading to our SD prairie unit mon-fri to hunt the weather looks great for SD so??? i may also just wait till may 14 - may 19??? its up in the air still so ill keep you all posted on our plans...

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