2013 spring turkey app's due January 11th

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Re: 2013 spring turkey app's due January 11th

Postby dewey » January 23rd, 2013, 3:32 pm

I think non residents should pay more than residents and also the residents should get a larger piece of the pie as they pay taxes in that state. Those taxes fund their DNR and other programs including the roads we drive on to go hunting in those states. I am not sure what the required allotment of tags for NR's to residents is in MN or WI or if there is one. I am not sure on what the ratio of the tags should be.

My 2 cents.

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Re: 2013 spring turkey app's due January 11th

Postby turkey junky » January 23rd, 2013, 5:31 pm

yes dewey i assume the results will be posted by feb 1 if not sooner but thats just my guess... it takes a WK to get stuff in the mail & they will post the draw results prior to mailing the congratulations you have been drawn booklet...

IMO but if we have to pay to drive on WI roads should that not be the case on the MN side of things??? that makes very little sense to they pay for roads so we can get a fair draw in WI???

MN dose things write it goes by preference points not residency land owners get the un-fair breaks & get allowed more tags??? witch i dont agree with either its a damn draw put a name in & pull a name out whos name it was u pulled out gets the tag??? very simple give n 1 person a advantage over another in a draw defeats the purpose in my eyes... no matter what state your from...

& both the peaces of public land i hunted in WI last year were county owned & were payed for & maintained by either 4 H groups or horse rider group logging on the areas or donations by private hardworking people not taking tax payer $$$ to provide the land there were donation boxes saying this at both areas i hunted & i put $$$ in all the boxes i seen... state lands in WI may differ???

im just confused on the meaning of a draw i guess i just thought we all applied to be in same boat so we all get a fair shot to be drawn... WI has plenty of turkeys & a liberal tag scheme so i can always just go there & hunt later in the year... i think the shoe could go on the residents foot also if they dont draw a A-C season tag they can just go later on like everybody else??? but they do live there so i guess that trumps a fair draw... its just very selfish to run a draw that way... i know charlie elk feels me hes trying to change things in cheese land in that regards...


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