Worth the Wait!

How was your last hunt? Let's see!
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Worth the Wait!

Postby militaryhunter » May 13th, 2008, 10:50 am

This was a hunt I had literally been waiting a year for.  Now I know what you are thinking, who waits a year for a turkey hunt? [/i]Well, let me tell you how it all started. 
            It was March 2007 and I was only a few days from jumping on a military aircraft and spending the next year of my life in the mountains of Afghanistan.  Now, I'm an avid turkey hunter and wanted to take my son on a hunt to remember before I departed.  I have several quality places to turkey hunt but this time I really wanted to get away and spend some one on one time with Logan. Luckily for us, we found Atkinson Expeditions and the hunt was on.  On this trip, Logan didn't get his turkey but that is only part of the story.  We still had a terrific hunt, made some good friends and I had enough memories to carry me for the next few months.     
            A few days later, I got on that plane and headed some 6000 miles away.  I had barely even got my boots dusty when Wes let me know he wanted to bring Logan back for a second attempt at a big ole' Kansas gobbler. The hunt was on again. This time Logan got his bird and caught a 6 lb large mouth all in the same day....not bad for a 9 year old. You can only imagine the pride I felt when I got the pictures from Wes.  But that's not all.....a month or so later, I received the DVD in the mail of the entire hunt....is that cool or what?
            Now to this hunt....Logan and I getting after it again with Wes and Scott. As expected, we were on turkeys from the first morning and we stayed on the birds the entire trip.  We had several close calls the first day which kept our adrenaline and spirits high.  Back at the cabin, we developed our plan (or scheme of maneuver for us military guys) for the next morning.  Logan and Wes set up near a large roost in hopes the turkeys would pitch down and move into range.  We decided I would head south just in case the turkeys tried to slip out the back door. No sooner than I got settled, the big tom started gobbling.  I knew then I was in a bad set-up and that I needed to move.....the only problem...a hen was roosted only 30 yards to my left-front.  I could see her clearly, so there was no reason for me to believe she couldn't see when or if I decided to move.  Luckily for me, the wind was really blowing hard and I decided to put an Army low- crawl on that gobbler. This time I made the right move and the tom came exactly where I wanted him.....big bird down!
            Well, Logan didn't get his turkey this time.  Let's just say there is at least one gobbler in Kansas that will be smarter and wiser next year and I suspect Logan and I will be after him again.
            We'll soon be planning our next trip....Logan likes Wes so much, I think he is going to start calling him "uncle".

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RE: Worth the Wait!

Postby zipperman351 » June 6th, 2008, 9:34 am

Sounds like the time was awesome,way to goMH...zipperman

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RE: Worth the Wait!

Postby turkeylimb » March 8th, 2009, 2:11 pm

From one vet to the next sounds like Logan is a lucky son to have a great dad.GOD BLESS.

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