Turkey Hunting 2012

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Turkey Hunting 2012

Postby ncturkeytalk14 » July 10th, 2012, 1:45 pm

Name: Mike Davis
Live: Kinston, NC
County Taken: Jones, NC
Date Taken: 4/28/2012
Bird Weight: 16.lbs
Spurs: 13/16"; 15/16”
Beard: 9"
Taken with: Remington 11-87 shotgun
Bullets: Winchester Extended Range
Sub-Species: Eastern

On this cool April morning, Mike Jr., Caleb and myself set off to go turkey hunting on Bro. Clifton Brown’s Farm in Jones County. About 45 minutes before sunrise, I started to walk across the small corn field to set up my turkey decoys and get ready for the morning, about 3 or 4 barred owls started calling to each other, what a beautiful sound. I made it across the field and started putting up my decoys. The owls kept calling to each other. Just as I was fixing the tail fan for my tom decoy as one of the owls hooted, a turkey gobbled off of the roost, it like to have made the hair stand on my head stand up. I thought I had better get this done and get into cover quick. I finished setting the decoys up and started to the wood line, the owls kept hooting and the ol’tom would send off a thundering gobble. I found me a place to set up but then I did not like it because I did not have a great sight or shooting pattern so I moved closer into the “new” briars and set camo’ed out for a few minutes so that any noises that I had made would be gone. Then I gently made some soft yelps from my Knight and Hale’s glass hammer. The ole’ Tom sent off a thundering gobble. I waited a few minutes and made some more yelps then the second time instead of one Tom gobbling there were two gobbling and by the closeness of their sound they were probably 40 to 50 yards from me, at the most. I kept working with them for about 10 minutes, calling softly every few minutes, until I heard their gobble change it sounded as if it were coming from the ground and at a different location. I put my call up, my gun was already in position, I picked out a spot to see them thru and got ready and waited on them, because I felt like they were on the way. Sure enough in a couple of minutes I noticed a turkey coming toward me, and I could tell it was a hen, and I told myself, come on girl, bring’em on in here to me, I knew they would be following her, and sure enough there they would stop and strut quickly and then run 10 feet or so toward my decoys, then they would do it again, they were side by side and I could not shoot without getting both birds, and in NC you can only take one bird a day, so finally one bird stepped about 2 foot out in front of the other bird and I fired and he hit the ground like a ton of bricks, he did not even flop. The other turkey flew up about 20 feet in the air and came right back down beside the dead turkey. Both turkeys had about the same size beard. He must have thought it was just thunder or something. He started to peck the dead turkeys head, he would pick it up and it would fall back down. I stayed in position and would not move. This turkey put on a show in front of me, no more than 20 yards for 2 hours, from 6:25am until 8:30am. I took cell phone photos of him and videos of him and he never knew I was there. The fooled with my decoys , he would strut, gobble, eat, and even sat down about 25 yards for about 15 minutes. I did not want to spook him, but I was ready for him to wander off so that I could change my body position. Sitting still in one place for 2 hours was starting to wear on me, when he would be facing away from me and eating I would move ever so slightly just to change my body position a little. I was texting my sons on the cell phone to see if they could see him from their position and to do some yelping their box call maybe he would wander down to them. They were in the same field probably 600 yards away. They texted me back and told me they were calling but I could not hear them and I was watching the turkey and his movements he could not hear them or did not care to hear them, because he made no action as to stop and listen or anything. So finally they decided to low crawl to me and see if they could get a shot. They crawled about 200 yards and then they were able to get up and travel quietly thru the woods towards the tom. I waited and waited for what seemed like eternity. I text again they stated they were about 60 yards away and were going to try to make it a little closer. I told them that when they could get as close as they could to give him a try. They got to about 50 yards and then the shots rang out and the bird flew up and over the trees to live again for next year. That was awesome to share that with my sons I am just ready for them to get on and wish that they would have got him.
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Re: Turkey Hunting 2012

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » July 26th, 2012, 10:01 pm

Congrats on your bird and good story to go with it.

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Re: Turkey Hunting 2012

Postby Duke0002 » July 27th, 2012, 10:00 am

Very nice bird and hunt! Congrats. Enjoyed the story. As you demonstrated -patience before and after the shot!

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