Another falls to my own personal call....

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Another falls to my own personal call....

Postby Everyday Hunter » May 10th, 2012, 11:26 am


Here's this spring's first gobbler, shot early this morning.

I went to the property where I opened the season two weeks ago. That morning at 5:25 a gobbler was sounding off right where I wanted him to be, but I couldn't get positioned properly. Three hens and a jake entered the field right below his roost tree. I was hoping he'd join them and meander my way, but he flew down the opposite direction at 6:05 and at 6:20 -- BOOM! I went over there and the guy said he missed.

I returned Monday and Tuesday, but didn't hear anything and figured the turkey had been hit and went off somewhere to die. Today I decided to check again, and at 5:40 he gobbled. Whether it's the same one or not, I don't know. I gave a quiet yelp or two on my homemade call, and he gobbled right back. Then I heard a couple of hens. One flew down about 40 yards to my left. She walked by me at about 20 yards and into the field. Then I heard another fly down. When she got to about 30 yards I gave her a few notes on the diaphragm so she wouldn't hurry into the field too quickly and cause the gobbler to enter the field before coming into range.

Next, here this guy comes. He fanned out once, then folded and walked behind a tree. I got the gun up and shot him at 28 steps.

This is actually the first gobbler I've heard since opening day. Although between a writers' conference, and being sick, I haven't hunted every day -- but I'm glad I went today. Plenty of time to fill my other tag. The stats: 17½ pounds, 1" spurs, 9" beard, 5:55 AM (I think that's my earliest).

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Re: Another falls to my own personal call....

Postby Mossberg835 » May 25th, 2012, 12:41 am

nice bird man!!!! so coll that you called it in using a call you made, never gets old. :D :D :D
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