Dewey's Kansas 2013 spring hunt

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Re: Dewey's Kansas 2013 spring hunt

Postby turkey junky » April 29th, 2013, 6:00 pm

congrats dewey on a fine bird in a strange new area of kansas yes southern ks is much different then NC KS as is the eastern part of the state from the rest of KS that open sage yucca & prairie cattle country in S & SW KS is more like OK then the rest of KS but them turkeys thrive there in that sage country also???

like you said with 2 tags in my pocket i would smash a jake on most trips maybe not on 1st day but??? im not sure on that with 2 tags in hand lol

im with you dewey im always thinking of how i could of maid the hunt better or make the bird work less to get to me next time even if i score on a turkey but if your not trying to be a better hunter & learn from your mistakes then you are not improving your hunting skills & bound to fail time & time again by making the same type mistake time after time...

fine turkey & yes head north in KS dewey you know what you missed there this yr write SNOW lol there is still plenty of birds wear you hunted last yr KS is a fun friendly place to hunt cant beat it man... congrats again dewey & thanks for posting my pics again this yr you rock man

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Re: Dewey's Kansas 2013 spring hunt

Postby dewey » May 7th, 2013, 11:09 am

Here is a picture of the jake I harvested in Kansas.

DSC05377 (Copy).JPG
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