The Summer

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The Summer

Postby allaboutshooting » August 3rd, 2011, 4:42 am

The Summer has so far been a very hot and pretty dry one after a very wet (near record) Spring. I believe we're still about 35" over normal rainfall for the year. I was concerned that the rains and subsequent flooding would be very bad for the fist hatch of poults but from what I've see so far, it looks like the population, at least around here, is strong. I don't have any idea how this long string of 90-100 temperature days effects them, if at all.

I do know that I'm ready for some crisp mornings and for the fall turkey season toward the end of October. I plan to hunt with a good friend and his grandson. Our goal is to allow him to shoot his first turkey. He hunted his first season this spring with his grandad, had a great time but did not get a shot. That only fueled his enthusiasm and he's counting the days till the fall season. At this stage in my hunting life, introducing a new hunter to the sport or helping a new hunter get his first bird is just as rewarding and probably more so than getting one myself, although I still really like to shoot them!

We have a few more still target shoots before the big shoot in SC. I'm trying to decide which gun I'll use in the Hunter Class and find some time to get to the range with it. Today however I must spray weeds and cut some grass, then till some in the garden and haul away corn stalks. That's about all the raccoons left of our sweet corn crop.

Waiting for fall.

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