what to do what to do

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what to do what to do

Postby jakebreaker » April 26th, 2009, 2:56 pm

[>:][:@] I'm a newbee so bear with me. I hunt 400 acres , surounded by  another 400 or so in northwestern il. lots of woods ,pastures  and  plenty of creeks, have been hunting this for 7 years and have shot 3 birds. My ? is if I don't get one first thing in morning  they disapear,and the hunt is basiclly over by 9 am. no gobbling no nothing ,prety much same every year no matter earlly season or late . by the way have never saw another hunter but it is a two hour drive to get there and not the easist to scout.   any  answers.  thanks so much!

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RE: what to do what to do

Postby trkyklr » May 18th, 2009, 8:23 am

just mill around & kill some time...i'm sure they are still in the vacinity...i look for mushrooms & arrowheads while i'm waiting on the birds to return...they can be very close to you at times without you knowing...so hit a call every once in a while...goood luck

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RE: what to do what to do

Postby turkules » May 18th, 2009, 2:37 pm

Jakebreaker-  From my experiance, turkey often when they hit the ground stop gobbling.  They are with hen's or headed toward them.  the key is that the turkeys' are still there.  doing what turkey's do.  Often the most important things hunter's need to do is scout (most don't).  Not just right before the hunt, but off and on all year round.  This way you can be at a distance with good pair of bino's and watch the pattern and behavior of the birds.  You can actually, find the roost tree and have a 90% guess where they are flying down too.  You are blessed with that much private land.  If you need help or my limited knowledge glad to help.

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