Im done

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Im done

Postby jpb » May 9th, 2008, 5:36 pm

Today was the last day i had to hunt this season and it was storming something awful.Needless to say i slept in.Im thankfull that i was able to get a bird my first season.Pic are on there way(i hate my computer some times).April 28th 2009 is so far away its scarry.
  Now comes the strange thing.I had called my wife at work to tell her i had gotten a bird.As she was congratulating me one of the guys in the office asked what was up.She told him i had just taken my first turkey.He said that was great,and asked for measurements.Which she had to relay later.He invited me to hunt Deer with him when its time.Why is this so great?Because when i started to show intrest in turkey hunting i got the "its not going to turn into Deer,goose,duck etc obsession.You spend enough time fishing,working on the damn car (54 Bel air),you dont nead any more hobbies" speach.She tells me about the invite after a nice fresh turkey dinner i cooke up."Oh and Uncle Mike wants to take you goose hunting in the fall,you need to call him".Now she is talking about getting a freezer for the basement.
  So my turkey season is over but with the posibility of a Deer and Goose season to hold me over things may not be too bad.Is it April yet?

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