flocks regrouping

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flocks regrouping

Postby trkyklr » July 21st, 2008, 10:38 am

i have been seeing 2 flocks of hens every evening on my way home from work last week all of them seem to be full grown i guess they are groupin' back up but i haven't seen any poults with them it has been a flock of 5 hens in one of them & 7 hens in the other        The land owner of one of my farms that i hunt said he has been seeing a long beard with 2 hens gobblin' & struttin also is that common this late ?

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mark hay
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RE: flocks regrouping

Postby mark hay » September 1st, 2008, 5:55 am

Been seeing several OLD HEN ONLY flocks this summer myself . I blame it on coons and other predaters . Back about the last week of june I was down at the public land which has a public shooting range . As I was moving my gear from the truck to the table a gobbler  sounded off not more than 150 yards away. Now it was rather early to be shooting , the sun wasn't up yet. Before I left the range I heard four different gobblers and most of them were still hammering away when I left . Once again there are gererallities and there are exceptions to TURKEY RULES .         later            ''OLD SCHOOL TURKEY TACTICS''

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