Rain = no turkey??

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RE: Rain = no turkey??

Postby mark hay » September 12th, 2008, 3:40 pm

I like to call it hunting  year around. I JUST DON;T KILL EM. I took on the desire to LEARN how to hunt turkeys in the spring of '98. I had hunted them before that but had actually only worked 1 bird and my dad killed it.But since '98 I have dedicated most of my thoughts and study on the big bird we nearly lost.I don't mean to sound like a braggart .Turkeys  and turkey hunting is something that I personally enjoy more than anything in the hunting game. Don't get me wrong ,I hunt coyotes pretty hard,deer, crows and more,but even in the middle of a set up on a song dog if a gobbler starts yelping , well , I'll give him all my attention until he is done, then return to the dog.Calling the dogs is very similar to turkey calling but it's the turkey that has his hold on me.TRKYKLR has me wishing I resided in the volunteer state with so many birds and seasons,, I can't imagine. On the other hand we get 45 days to chase the them ol' snood swingers,gun or bow.                 ''oldschoolturkeytactics''


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