how much?

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how much?

Postby mark hay » October 16th, 2008, 12:37 pm

how much skin can you show a turkey and get away with it? it has been my experience that even when sitting in the shade, if there is too much skin  of the forehead or face not covered they tend to shy away and sometimes flat out spook.PUTT!PUTT!  ever see those folks whose eyelids really roll up , exposing a lot of the eyeball, when they are excited? i hunted with a feller one morning who was ,in my opinion, dressed for the occasion. i started working on a gob that was hung up . then this hot to trot jake came running over the ridge from the other direction. he ran right out in front me and the other feller and slammed on the breaks. he stood there several seconds, putted and started to leave ,then turned and came closer 'bout 10 yards , putted again and turned and floored the throttle. i turned to my companion and the first thing i noticed was his very LARGE eyeballs peeled back. he was the designated shooter and was no doubt a little more than excited. it was also his first season. my opinion is that ALL skin and some eyes should be covered. personaly i wear glasses to see with  and the ones i wear for hunting are tinted to hide my eyes . other than that i have no exposed hide showing. sevral times in my turkey hunting adventures i have had the good fortune to have some birds within spitting distance without spooking. sometimes i was sitting , sometimes i was standing.   what are your thoughts?              ''ostt''

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