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oldschools wife

Postby linda hay » December 21st, 2008, 1:10 am

do you all know just how hard it is to keep that guy in line? i think he lays awake at night figuring out how he can out wit me. but !!  this ole gal can hold her own. i wanted to apologize for all that shouting i wasn't paying attention. i'll try to keep it down. well the expert just came in and corrected me on my spelling i told him i'm not perfect. i just spell these words how i talk. and believe me i'll keep his stories straight. sometimes i get called a hilbilly because of the way i talk and go bare foot.i'm from dayton,ohio originally but the further south the better. as i sit here typing away my little dog is right by my side he's a border collie we got from the shelter we won't get a dog from anywhere else. he stays right with me no matter where i go his name is patchy. thanks for the welcome
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