Turkey Huntin'...Texas Style

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Turkey Huntin'...Texas Style

Postby Gobblerman » December 29th, 2008, 12:08 pm

In another post, someone made a comment about hunting over bait in Texas.....reminded me of a buddy from down that way.  I was talkin' to Charlie awhile back about how his spring season had been. 
He said, "Jim, it was great!  Turkeys everywhere!  I even figured out a way to save money on the hunt!  I just soaked me some of the feeder corn, put it on a thirty pound test line, threw it out there by the feeder and waited in the bushes 'til the turkeys came in!" 
I pondered his huntin' method a little, then asked, "Well, did it work?"
He said, "Hell yes it worked....there was some days it was so good, I couldn't keep 'em off the hook!  Not only that, I could sort through 'em and throw back the little ones!"
Turkey Huntin!.....Texas Style!!
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