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RE: bringing in Ol' Tom

Postby Cut N Run » January 8th, 2009, 6:45 pm

I'm a big fan of pre-season scouting & getting your hunting area ready before the season starts. You can't know too much about the property you are hunting & where the Turkeys like to go. There are fewer leaves on the trees in early spring and you can see where Turkeys already prefer to travel. Forget about taking calls or making any noise at all. Get some decent binoculars, go to a good vantage point , stay still, quiet, well hidden, and take note of what you see & hear and where they go.  Then, find a place along a favored travel route (not too close to the roost site) and make use of any objects that work to help conceal you. Make sure your route in to that location won't bust the birds off the roost by clearing limbs & sticks that could cause you to make too much noise.

Practice being still so you can do it come the season.

That should help you get part of the way there.
Good Luck, we expect to see pictures posted when you connect.

That's a good looking farm you got to hunt Shaman.

Luck Counts, good or bad


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