Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

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Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby trkynut54 » February 12th, 2009, 12:15 am

Last season when I shot my gobbler, the one in my avatar, there were two other ones with it. I shot the dominate bird which had the bigger beard. The other two was a Jake and a much bigger gobbler in size but his beard was thicker than the one I got but shorter. I think it froze off or something. His head looked like the size of a softball. I hunted that gobbler the rest of the season but never got him. He gave me some good hunts though. So I am going to hunt him this year with a vengance. [:D]
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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby greyghost » February 12th, 2009, 1:18 am

Hopefully one is still around that spanked myself and a couple of others last year.

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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby wordbird » February 12th, 2009, 1:36 am

I'm going to hunt whatever particular gobbler I happen to hear on any particular morning. [;)] Actually, I do usually get after one or two in particular each season. I know where there is one right now that I chased all last season only to have him blindside me on the last day.
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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby silvestris » February 12th, 2009, 3:55 am

I put in for a lottery hunt each year.  It is no lead pipe cinch to get drawn.  Two years ago on the last afternoon of my hunt I took a chance on an area and walked up the creek about a half a mile.  Just as I spied a likely looking flat from which to call from, he gobbled on his own. 

I set up and he had a most intriguing gobble.  He gobbled as softly as any gobbler I had ever heard.  He was an old one.  He came but crossed the small branch to my south and went up the ridge across the branch.  I could see him occasionally.  Finally, he re-crossed the small branch and walked out at about 70 yards.  He was coming but he apparently realized that it was time for him to be heading to his roost.  He gobbled well as he left me.

Last year I got on him one morning but he had become submissive to a couple of 2-3 year olds and followed them around all morning and although I was able to keep contact for two hours and a mile and a half, I could not convince him to come.  He only gobbled once that morning.

I hope I draw again this year and that he is still alive.
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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby shaman » February 12th, 2009, 5:18 am

I gave up hunting Great White Whales after the pursuit of one nearly landed me in the hospital, and I went totally scoreless the next season pursuing the same bird.  By the time I finally gave it up, turkey hunting had stopped being fun.

There is a bird that REALLY needs killing that roosts in a tree less than 200 yards from my front porch, but I've decided that the odds are too low that I'd ever get a shot. Every year or so I spend some time on him when there's nothing else better to do. However, I refuse to get worked up about him. He has one Achilles heal: he travels to one particular spot to drink water in the late season. I know if I camped out there, eventually I'd nail him. However, there's much more fun to be had.

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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby StevePA » February 12th, 2009, 5:27 am

Ive been known to go after a particular bird...been known to kill them also

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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby swpatrkyhunter » February 12th, 2009, 7:55 am

There is a group of birds that roost in the same spot every year by my Dads. I have been trying to get one of them for the past couple years. LOL! The lay of the land makes it hard to tell where they will fly down and move to.  I don't just hunt those birds mind you but every year I try something different wioth them in hopes of getting one.

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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby Cut N Run » February 12th, 2009, 8:36 am

I saw one Gobbler a few years ago chasing another gobbler as I watched from my deer stand in early November.  The one doing the chasing was the Boss for sure.  I set up between his roost and a known strut zone & managed to get him on Opening Day in '07 by calling sparingly.  The area I was hunting was so thick, I'm sure the turkeys were very comfortable moving through the area and did not expect to be pursued in there. My shot on that bird was 13 yards & I had to let him walk out that far before I pulled the trigger.
I saw another big Gobbler last Fall which had a long cork-screw type beard that I wouldn't mind tagging. I also saw one with a shorter, but thicker beard that would also do nicely.  I plan to do some long distance scouting with a spotting scope in the next few weeks to see if I can find where they are hanging out.  But, If I get a good shot on any mature bird, I'm going to take it.
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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby trkyklr » February 12th, 2009, 10:18 am


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RE: Are you going to hunt a specific bird this spring?

Postby dmcianfa » February 12th, 2009, 12:47 pm

There is one tuff customer that will gobble his brains out at first light every morning and not be heard again at my grandma's place.  I've tried to get a bead on this bird for 3 years now, but he will not respond to any calling (mine nor others).  I found where he roosted 2 years ago and snuck in before light, watched him gobble fly down and run the other way when some very soft calls were used.  He hasn't roosted there since, but I still hear his indistinguishable gobble.  I may try to hone in on him this year, but not make a sound.  He must have been shot at at some point after someone did some calling on him when he was younger.  Thats all I can figure.  I was thinking about trying to find his other roost and shoot him right out of the tree at first light.  Not sure if that's legal in MI. hmmmmmm.  He makes me that angry, but its not too sporting though! Don't know any other way to get at him I guess! 
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