Mating Season

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Mating Season

Postby dmcianfa » February 12th, 2009, 4:11 am

Ok Boys (and girls):
I've been seeing this fued in a few posts and would like to start a poll.  I wasn't able to find the poll button, but here it is.   Let's hear some good points and counterpoints backed up with some facts or references if possible.  You may believe one or a combination of more than one.
Spring Turkey Mating Season is started with and/or dictated by:
a.) Solar Illumination (Lengthening of the Days)
b.) Temperature (Weather trends in a particular year)
c.) Lunar Illumination (Phases of the moon and the amount of light)
d.) Lattitude
e.) Feed Availability
f.)  Male to Female ratios
g.) Human pressure
h.) None of the above (Just god's will and the birds natural instict)
Thanks, and hope to hear some theories on the matter with some healthy debate as well.  I will save my thoughts on the matter until others chime in.
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