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RE: Public vs. Private

Postby arrowsonly » March 9th, 2009, 5:48 pm

Here in WI...
private good luck, even family owned land is a closley guarded secret.
Just cuz your "blood" dosen't meen you get to hunt there...
I bow hunt public land only ...
Here in WI we have plenty and theres plenty of room, go more than a couple hundred yards from the truck !     I found an area in MN that is perfect & it's archery only, no gun hunters!
No offence, but number one bow hunting & gun hunting turkeys don't mix from a saftey stand point !
I set up in strutz zones in my double bull, with a HazelCreek hen & maybe a fedding hen w/motion.
I had 2 young turkey hunters bell crawl to within 60 yards of my decoys & a nice tom that was between us. They were all out in a alfalfa field full of rolling hills, I was just on the field edge.
No harm, No Foul ! They were scared shitless, dude there's a guy over there...
I almost had the samething happen at this archery only spot, with just me & Anna Nichole yea thats right. She has a name, all HazelCreek Hens have a name. Some bird watchers, Swarofski's and all came to within 50 yards before they say my bilnd. They could not belive that bird didn't move during that whole stalk !
Can't wait got my MN/WI trip all planed May 9th-17th if everything works out... 
look em' in the eye before you give em' the shaft...
be a man hunt public land...


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