Animal encounters while turkey hunting

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RE: Animal encounters while turkey hunting

Postby Everyday Hunter » April 4th, 2009, 5:18 am

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At first light I located a bird and was working him up to me.  I could see the bird coming but something else caught my eye to the right.  Here comes this skunk moving in on me.  I'm working this bird that I can see and I have a skunk moving in on me as well.  The skunk got to my boots and I'm thinking, " man, how is this going to play out! "  I was praying, "Don't spray please!"  Well the turkey moved off and the skunk moved out also.  So it all worked out.  I did'nt get the bird, but I went home smelling good!!

I've had one encounter with a skunk in the pre-dawn turkey woods and like yours, it turned out OK. I was walking in on a pipeline, so it was fast and easy walking. If I hadn't seen the skunk at the last second, I'm sure I would have stumbled right over it, and maybe even kicked it. Good them they have big white stripes -- or at least most of them do. I'm surprised getting sprayed by old Pepé Le Pew isn't a major hazard for turkey hunters!

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