Aggressive purring

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Aggressive purring

Postby shaman » April 6th, 2009, 7:30 am

I have always hear of aggressive purring being used to attract turkeys, but yesterday was my first instance of using it as a confidence call.  I told you all about how Angus and I got into a hen and three jakes.  I was napping when they showed up, and the hen sensed something was amiss and putted.

I caught lying on my side with no way to straighten back up.  The only call I could reach for was my Easy Yelper push-pin call.  I tried a cluck, I tried a purr. That didn't settle her down.  I felt I was losing her, so I tried an aggressive purr, and it shut her up and brought her back in.  Meanwhile, Angus was able to get his mouth call in, and he counter-called with placid clucks and purrs the way I taught him. 

The picture that got painted was that there were another set of hens out there, and at least one of them was honked off that the flock had encroached.  It kind of reminds me of the time my buddy Jerry and I went to the Labor Day fireworks and we parked in a small factory's parking lot near the riverfront.  A cop came up to Jerry as we were leaving the lot and told us it was private property and we'd have to leave.

"You're damn right it's private property." yelled Jerry to the cop.  "And I want to know what all those cars are doing in there! I don't recognize a one of them."  Jerry rocked the cop back on his heels.  Jerry was like that.  He was big, mean looking and he had voice like a truck horn.   The cop got on his radio, and the next thing you knew there were city tow trucks hauling out every car and van-- except Jerry's of course.  The cop probably figured Jerry owed the factory. Jerry didn't say he did; he just didn't say he didn't. 

That's what I think that aggressive purr did.  The hen started to putt and run off and I told her to leave or I was going to come over and kick her fluffy butt. The putting stopped-- now she though I was just another hen.  The hen stayed away-- she didn't come all the way in and bust us.  She and the jakes laid off about 10-15 yards.  She wasn't going to take on that mad hen making the fuss.  That was just what we needed; it gave Angus a chance to swivel around and take his shot-- too bad he missed.  Anyhow, I wanted to throw this up on the wall and let you all comment on it.

I've been using aggressive purring, with two callers and two calls, or just me and double pushpin for years.  Turkeys think there is a cat fight about to happen, they sometimes come running.  This was the first time I'd tried a single call to rock a hen back, and it worked.
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RE: Aggressive purring

Postby tracebusta32 » April 6th, 2009, 7:45 am

Shaman I too have used the aggressive purr a few times when they get in close, I wish I could learn to do it on a mouth call....but frankly haven't practiced it enough to feel confident using it on hunt with a diaphram.
It has been my experience that just like everything else in turkey hunting, sometimes it does work,sometimes it doesn't ,but it's nice to have a few extra tricks up your sleeve to throw at them.
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RE: Aggressive purring

Postby swpatrkyhunter » April 6th, 2009, 1:49 pm

I too have had some luck with useing the agressive purrs. I try to save them as a last ditch effort though when all else fails.
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RE: Aggressive purring

Postby rsmithpa » April 6th, 2009, 2:06 pm

I agree  aggressive purrs can be the call that makes the difference both spring and fall.  Turkey's are aggressive year round, so it can and does work at times.
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