2014 Hatch Report

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2014 Hatch Report

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » June 20th, 2014, 9:17 am

Alright guys, what are we seeing for poults around the country? How does the hatch look in your area, anyone been seeing any little ones? The hatch here in WI. looks to be pretty good with sighting all across the lower half of the state, from the reports I've been getting and what I've seen so far.

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Re: 2014 Hatch Report

Postby misoiltester » June 21st, 2014, 4:27 am

No poults on my place as predation was terrible, and this is the 1st year I have live traped and taken 13 critters out, before & during the nesting period.
Hens have left, and had 1 bearded and 3 others hanging around alone until I saw 3 heans together in my back yard early last week. Havn't seen one since. :(
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Re: 2014 Hatch Report

Postby ylpnfol » June 21st, 2014, 9:26 pm

I have yet to see any, tho I haven't really been out searching, usually see some riding the roads, I did see the the farmer that owns the place where I do most of my hunting and he said he hasn't seen any, so not sounding too good, time will tell....sure was a lot of hens this year, seems kind of odd.....

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Re: 2014 Hatch Report

Postby allaboutshooting » June 27th, 2014, 4:36 am

We were in the process of moving from Illinois to South Carolina, so my time in the woods was somewhat limited but the early season flooding that moved the flocks we'd been seeing was probably not good news for the hatch.

Traditional hatch areas were covered with water late into the season. In years past when that's happened, the hatch has been poor. Hopefully, the hens found some higher ground this year.

Illinois harvest numbers were down this spring for the 3rd year in a row. Hopefully, the hatch will improve and turkey numbers will start to rebound.

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