Gobblers at the Honey Hole

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Re: Gobblers at the Honey Hole

Postby Cut N Run » March 27th, 2014, 8:33 am

Another thing I got to thinking about which goes along with notsure's post is minimizing traffic around honey hole areas. The tree farm I used to hunt/lease had undisturbed areas that made great sanctuary for turkeys and deer. There was always a place the turkeys could go where nobody bothered or hassled them. There was a logical reason that the turkeys liked to hang out where they did, because they were allowed to do their turkey thing without fear of being pressured (most of the year anyway). Those honey holes were as far from places with more human activity for a reason, the turkeys were comfortable there.

I understand that since I no longer hunt that property, the landowner got himself a four wheel buggy that he drives all over the farm at any time of day. He also takes his two dobermans along to run the property boundary as he rides along it and those dogs chase anything & everything that moves. What used to be sanctuary has vanished. The numbers of turkeys seen & killed on that property has dwindled since all that pressure started happening. Last turkey season, they killed exactly one gobbler out there for the entire turkey season. I used to get more than a dozen different gobblers in range and would always tag the boss first and a high quality second bird when I hunted there.

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