"Heroes Hunting" video series project

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"Heroes Hunting" video series project

Postby sgt perk » August 14th, 2013, 1:15 am

***"Heroes Hunting" video series project

*** Current or former Soldiers/Vets who hunt and have stories from Combat. Especially if you have actual FOOTAGE or photos from the event. All MOS's, All Branches, All theaters
*** Companies/Businesses that would like to be involved in this project
*** Outfitters/Ranches that would like to host a hunt and donate an animal or two

First, we are a group of Military Veterans. Between the five of us, we all have multiple deployments, we are all avid/rabid hunters (Bow, Rifle, Crossbow, Deer, Ducks, Turkeys, Fishing, you name it.) out of the Midwest (Iowa/Wisconsin specifically) with MANY years of experience. So, we KNOW good hunting.

The Project:
Think Buck/Duck Commander meets YOUNG (20 and 30 somethings) Military Veterans. NO, NOT Duck Dynasty. We DO NOT want to do a TV show (unless that option presents itself, lol), we are looking to make full length DVD movies.
We watch a lot of hunting videos while deployed to pass all the down time and because we are obsessed with hunting. One thing we noticed is that most of the videos are BLAND AS HECK. Besides that, most are all the same, only a FEW are actually fun to watch, and that is because they are different. That's what we plan to do, be one of a kind, different, and here's how.

The Premise:
We are going to start a video series called "Heroes Hunting". Just as it would sound, we are going to make hunting videos, but ONLY WITH MILITARY VETERANS of all branches and MOS's (jobs).
The "Heroes Hunting" video series will be filmed, then edited, entirely by us and feature your normal hunting style shots and dialog. However, what will make this different and special is that we will be doing the hunts WITH VETERANS/SOLDIERS. Going along with this, we are matching up with Veterans like ourselves that have the footage to go WITH the story.

During my last tour, which is Route Clearance (IED/"Bomb Hunters")in East Afghanistan, our vehicle was once shot with an 82mm Recoilless Rifle HEAT round, burning it to the ground (all ok) and another vehicle was hit with a 100lb+ IED (also, all ok). Both times, the incident was filmed by the vehicle behind us. There are countless Veterans/Soldiers that have footage from different engagements.
Imagine, sitting in the blind, hide, tree stand, etc, with the Veteran/Soldier retelling the story, to pass the time, waiting on our prey, but then mixing in ACTUAL footage of the event they are telling. THAT is why people WILL watch, want more, and watch repeatedly.

The Plan:
We plan to travel the country this fall, for different hunts, creating an online video series, then working into and up to DVD's/Downloads. Being in the military, in multiple units, and with multiple deployments, we all have military Veteran/Soldier "Battle Buddies" ALL OVER the United States and we plan to hunt with as many, and on as many locations as possible. It's a never ending range of ages, stories, places, and hunts. Just for myself, I already have a South Texas, 2 Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and probably Missouri hunts scheduled for this fall. We are NOT joking around.

As far as I know, there is nothing like this out there and our research has already projected it to be heavily viewed and in extremely high demand.

This is an ACTUAL worth while cause though as we'll be working a lot with IOWA DNR, Wounded Warrior, Iowa Food Bank's "HUSH" program, and hopefully Walter Reed. So, we'd like to know if you would like to be involved in this project, in any way? We are looking for help monetarily or with donated products. We are military Veterans/Soldiers, WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A HAND OUT. Being soldiers, we don't work that way. That being said, as Military personnel, it's no secret we aren't paid like Congress, either. Any and all help will and would be appreciated, along with being spotlighted in episodes.

We are looking for partners that want to help each other make a great product. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you. All of my contacts are listed below. Please reach me at either option.

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Heroes Hunting

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Re: "Heroes Hunting" video series project

Postby Steve_In » August 21st, 2013, 6:56 pm

Good luck with your project. Do you have any samples on youtube or the web? I currently do not have cable TV
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Re: "Heroes Hunting" video series project

Postby sgt perk » August 22nd, 2013, 4:29 am

Right now the video is still being produced. There should be a Teaser/Promo/Trailer posted up in the next couple of months as we are still setting up hunts with Outfitters, Friends, and Family, but we are ALWAYS on the look out for more Vets and Soldiers with stories that hunt. If you know of any, please do send them our way. Thanks.

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