Fla. bow season kicks off Aug. 3rd in zone A

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Fla. bow season kicks off Aug. 3rd in zone A

Postby Dixie Belle » July 29th, 2013, 8:53 pm

Well guys, if you want to hunt Turkeys during the nasty Dog Days of summer in 100 degree heat in South Florida, then bow season opens in Zone A on Aug. 3rd. I think I'll wait till September when bow season opens in our Zone C, it will still be plenty hot then and the skeeters and chiggers will still be in full swing. Got a nasty case of chiggers about two weeks back when I missed spraying my right leg with enough "go away juice" and that was "not fun" :lol: :lol: ;) ! Muzzle loader opens in Oct. and regular gun season kicks off in Nov. (check the Fla. Wildlife web site for all particular zone dates, Gobblers and bearded birds only, no dogs) Hope all of you guys who have a fall season are looking as forward to it as I am.
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