It's Been an INTERESTING season

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It's Been an INTERESTING season

Postby Uncle Nicky2 » May 21st, 2013, 8:29 am

After a couple bang-up out-of-state trips in easly April, I've been having a rough go of it here locally.

I took my youngest boy for the NY youth season, April 20 & 21. Cold, windy, & snowy, but the birds were gobbling well. We were into birds pretty much until noon both days, I called a nice gobbler into my son's lap, but he missed. A couple other close calls, but couldn't put it all together.

I hunted hard the first 5 days of the NY opener, May 1-5. Birds would gobble at dusk when we roosted, would gobble at sunrise, then clam up once they hit the ground. Never could figure out where they headed after that, they weren't hitting the fields like they usually do, but we had bluebird weather all 5 days.

Hunted state land here in PA the last couple Saturdays and yesterday. I have yet to hear a gobble or spot a bird (other than running across the highway) since May 5. The last couple outings I stuck it out from dawn to dusk, trying to get a feel for where the birds could be, and both trips were overcast, periods of drizzle & sunshine. The "honey hole" a buddy & I have had success with the last few years has never been very productive later in the season, but is a hotspot earlier in the year. I'm still trying to figure out what the reason is, I do think there isn't much in the way of food for them, mostly heavily logged power-lines and forest, the only type of growth is ferns & Beech trees, and some grass/clover on the power lines.

On a brighter note, I DID find a new spot yesterday that I'm already planning to scout extensively next spring....state planted food plots, blueberry bushes, and NUMEROUS dusting bowls & gobbler tracks :D . It was on my "one of these days" to hunt list, also doesn't appear to be heavily logged, and has a nice mix of apple, pine, oak, & maples.

Good luck and be safe to anyone who still plans to hunt the rest of this spring, I think I'm done until the fall, unless I decide to call in sick. :twisted:

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