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shed hunting

Postby homunculi » April 18th, 2013, 8:01 am

i know some of you may have read this on d&dh forum ... but i have not been able to log in here for over a week .. do not know what was going on with the computers i am using but no matter where i was only able to log in and see my profile and every time i tried to get to the forum i would get a blank page ... was weird ..

could not sleep monday morning and went out to some woods around my hunting area to shed hunt for the morning before having to be to work .
stopped got a coffee and made my way to the old dirt drive used my hat lights to through the honeysuckle and thorn bushes ..

found a tree and sat down till the sun came up listening to the birds and enjoy my coffee .. as light came through the woods the bird activity went nuts .. heard gobblers and hens yelping over in the valley on the back side of the property... finished my coffee looked around for a minute or two
.. looked over to my left and had two hens 10-12 feet away from me .. one pecking the ground the other staring at me .. they took turns doing this for a few minutes .. not making a noise just watching me watch them ... then just walked away ..

it was like having my shotty on a big gobbler in season ... i thought it was crazy ... so i sat there for a few more minutes got my coffee cup into my camo pack and took my time walking through looking for some sheds .. did not find any this time

but hell just having those ladies watch me was excitement enough and now i cannot wait for season to open .. and on my way to work this morning the old farmer down the road had a big gobbler in the field strutting away for some hens

is it season yet ?

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