Hunting reports

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J Hook Max
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Hunting reports

Postby J Hook Max » March 28th, 2013, 10:05 am

Hunted the first week here in South Alabama and the hunting was very slow. Very little gobbling and skittish birds. Called in two gobblers on Monday. My friend shot and killed one of them and I shot and missed the other.
We had the youth hunt in Tennessee this past weekend and we hunted on a St. Jude charity hunt. My granddaughter killed a big Jake on Sunday after missing a really big longbeard on Saturday. It was her second bird this year. We had three kids hunt our J Hook property and all three killed turkeys. Can't do any better than that.
I will be headed up there on Friday to guide and hunt for 16 days. Can't wait. Also can't wait until next season as Jakes were running everywhere.
The best of all was that we raised over $100,000 for St. Jude this past weekend.

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Re: Hunting reports

Postby misoiltester » March 28th, 2013, 11:38 am

Congrats on getting everyone, in on the birds ;)

Sounds like your choice for charity, responds well to your expertise, and calling abilities!!
Congrats for your effort and time put in, for a worthy cause :)
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Re: Hunting reports

Postby maineute » March 28th, 2013, 6:16 pm

Great that you are able to get all of the kids out to hunt, you are doing a great thing!

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Re: Hunting reports

Postby bamabirdbuster13 » March 28th, 2013, 7:09 pm

good deal man. i just had a friend die of cystic fibrosis and have been wanting to do something for people going thru those situations. ive got a few thousand acres with a logde. how do i go about putting on a hunt in a charitys name?
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Re: Hunting reports

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » March 28th, 2013, 9:12 pm

My hats off to you Jhook, it's great to hear about events like yours. You've done a charity a lot of good, that needs all the help they can get. You've also help keep the hunting heritage alive by getting the kids involved and helping with the charity event. I'd like to see more events like that, that help people and keep the hunting industry alive and well in the eyes of people and animals that need help. Just once I'd like to see any anti-group do something good to help wildlife or people for that matter. Hunters do that very often and it shows!!

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Re: Hunting reports

Postby Steve_In » March 29th, 2013, 7:51 am

Way to go on the Charity. Sounds like you are into birds too.
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