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Re: Help.....

Postby onpoint » February 23rd, 2013, 8:28 am

WillowRidgeCalls wrote:Sorry to hear you've been bit by the bug of calling, I know having new calls to try this spring is a tough bug to break. BUT, having a wife with a cast iron fry pan is a good thing, it forces you to learn and profect your soft calling, if she can hear it your calling to loud. Trust me when I say birds can hear soft calling from a long distance away. They say one of the problems with new hunters is over calling, BS, it's calling to loud to long. If you've got a hot gobbler coming and you quit calling, you risk the chance of that bird going cold or getting side tracked before he gets to you. If you profect your soft calling techniques you can call him right up to the gun barrel, no matter what season your hunting. Once you learn what calls to give him and how to use them, it'll surprise you on how effective it is. Practice your soft calling to a state where you don't even have to think about doing it, will improve your success ratio by a huge percent.

Now you're gettin' me fired up!!! :mrgreen: How 'bout sharing some more info on the soft calling technique :roll:
"Chasin' gobblers has a lot in common with dealing with a wife, 'bout the time ya' think ya' got 'em figured out, they change the rules!!!"


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