How do you tell the sex of a poult?

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Re: How do you tell the sex of a poult?

Postby maineute » August 9th, 2012, 11:06 am

Thanks for the link, that makes a lot of sense, I haven't seen this group for a while, I will look for the difference in the breast feathers.
Willow, there was a definite pecking order on the times that I have seen them I will pay more attention to it next time.
Jelly, I live in an area where 2 major roads are on either side of me and they travel to and from fields by way of my property, there are corn fielsd and hay fields.
I saw another group of birds this morning, a hen with 5 poults, same group I saw a week ago, they have almost doubled in size, still much smaller than the ones in the above photo. No real breast feathers, I doubt they will make it through the winter.


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