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Re: poaching

Postby turkey junky » May 6th, 2012, 10:30 am

that poacher most likely seen you after he shot the bird or your truck & was to scared to go out into the field while he could see you & go get the bird he seen you leave & then maid a break for it!!! what a A** HOLE!!!

most likely nothing will happen to the poacher at this point in the game as its all hear say at this point the warden didnt see it happen him self so HE HAS TO GET THE POACHER TO ADMIT WHAT HE DID AT THIS POINT TO ISSUE A TICKET TO THE GUY!!!
its just 1 guys word against another guys word at this point & if you can not prove it was that same guy in the truck that took the shot & the poacher dose not admit it nothing can or will happen to the guy it just maid him all the more sneaky!!!

happy that you did try & get the guy busted for what he did & even better you didnt confront him in the field that would be better then confronting him at the his truck but guys with guns trying to argue about things dosent always go the best!!!

guys wear i hunt in SE MN routinely cross private land borders to kill turkeys with out permission & then beat cheeks to there vehicle or to a vehicle parked else wear
& no body catches them??? they also will use archery equipment to stay silent we were working a bird 1 time on land we had permission to hunt he we were tracking his movements by his gobbles we thought ok he is comeing hes over by that fence line crossing both sides of the fence were owned by the same guy it was just a fence to seperate cattle & we had permission to hunt both sides nobody else & then the bird stoped gobbleing & we herd what sounded like a turkey fight so we got ready & started to fighting purr but no gobbles & no bird ever showed up??? so on our way out we went over near wear the bird was last herd & my dad said look at that it was a pop up blind that was not there on our way out to the field to hunt so we went over & looked inside there was feathers every wear in & around the blind & a guys bow & arrows were still in blind??? so we left the blind & bow there & went to go ask the land owner if he had give n permission to anybody else he said no & if we want the blind & bow go get it it ASAP cuz people have been sneaking in on his property & that mite stop it so we went back to the blind & we herd a 4 wheeler put n away as we got close we went to wear the blind was & there was no more blind set up & no bow left just a pile of feathers & a matted down imprint on the grass wear a pop up blind was sit n!!! it was crazy that he was able to sneak in & harvest a gobbler all under our nose & totally tress-passing all with archery equipment!!!
the land owner & us all still talk about that sneaky archery hunter poacher!!!

also in every state i have hunted locals all say there is red necks out there that if they want a turkey they will shoot a turkey with shot-gun or rifle!!!??? so that tends to keep the birds scary when a car rolls up to a slow creep or stop they then all bugger & or fly away asap you can always be sure if birds fly from a vehicle when u stop that the birds are being shot at from the vehicles on roads its sad to say but it happens alot out west in KS,NE,OK,SD,MN,WI


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