Shooting accident in KS

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Re: Shooting accident in KS

Postby dewey » May 5th, 2012, 4:28 pm

I am just amazed that another hunter got shot but he shooter fired a second time to put the turkey out of his misery. I have fired at close range to put a turkey out of his misery but it is usually very close range. I am still amazed at how these accidents happen. Yet the excuse is all the same 'I saw movement and thought it wad a deer or turkey' then shot my partner.

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Re: Shooting accident in KS

Postby Steve_In » May 5th, 2012, 6:29 pm

There have been 3 shootings in Indiana this year ( that I know of ). All were shot by their partner. I just do not understand being so wrapped up in the hunt that you would make such a mistake. I have done a lot of rabbit hunting behind beagles and it has forever been drilled in my head to identify your target before pulling the trigger. Often your partners are obscured by brush and making similar moves to cut off the rabbit and you may not know their exact location. I think and believe the shooters rationalize their act after the fact. Just as drunk driving laws have toughened up I feel the laws on shootings while hunting should be re-examined.
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Re: Shooting accident in KS

Postby turkey junky » May 6th, 2012, 1:24 am

i routinely hunt back to back states 5-7 day hunts in each state & think nothing of hunting all day in 1 state & driving damn near all nite 2 get 2 the other state & hunting there safely i am young & do all the driving as i dont trust my dad half the time lol & i have never seen things that were not there while out hunting & i have to identify my target & whats behind it B4 i ever pull the trigger...

i think the out of state thing dose have something to do with the accident most guys feel if they spend 130 $ price of a out of state KS double tag for a tag they have to shoot something & that along with being wraped up in trying to bag a turkey on strange land in a small time period 3-7 day hunts makes folks i guess shoot at movements & friends alike??? horrible!!!

just think about all them crazy bad drivers we all see out there daily now imagine that some of them same idiots are out in our turkey woods along with us hunting with weapons!!! i mean turkey hunting is almost to popular when every idiot who watches a hunting tv show thinks he can just go out & bang away at flashes in the woods & be a safe turkey hunter & then say it was a accident!!!???

everybody out there hunt safe & defensive the rest of this season a turkey isnt worth a face full of turkey load & or being the dummy that pulls the trigger on his hunting buddy!!! hope that guy feels like S*** daily for what he has done!!!


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