more tags than turkeys

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more tags than turkeys

Postby turkaholic » February 27th, 2011, 7:17 am

Last year I was stunned when I realized that I could get 5 tags in CT. I got 3 land owner permits and 2 state land permits. I called the Franklin Wildlife center and spoke with the biologist. I brought my concerns to his attention that 5 tags was CRAZY. He kind of agreed but assured me there were lots of birds around. I told him that I used to see flocks of 50 birds at many spots in winter, and on my farm I had a flock of 70 several years ago. I didn't see many birds last winter but to my surprise last spring turned out pretty good. I also told him that I had on several occasions Fishers come into my calls, and I thought they were dwindling the population away. He did not like that I claimed this. I am 100% sure that Fishers are killing turkeys. I say the next one dies.
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