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new hunters

Postby grizzly » January 16th, 2009, 12:31 am

new hunters if you are reading the posts on this web site maybe you're confuse about what's right or what's wrong some of the guys think decoys are alright some think it's wrong same way with blinds' dogs and so on. you're thinking how should i hunt. you probably which the hunting shows on tv they use alot of this stuff they get turkeys.but remember they get paid by there sponsers to use their products and if they do'nt shoot turkeys they wo'nt have the job for long. my advise to you and it's just that my advise is first read your state regs. if it legel and you want to try it do it then if you feel it takes away form the frll and enjoyment of you hunt you can always stop using them. if the rest you have any thing to add i'ld love to hear your opion

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