Looking for opportunities in Louisiana??

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Looking for opportunities in Louisiana??

Postby hootnscoot » December 21st, 2011, 3:07 pm

Howdy all, just joined this Forum. Let me tell you a bit about myself - Am an avid turkey chaser from Wisconsin, going for that silly goal of a bird in every state (where they have them). I try to hunt as many places as possible each spring and get a new state or two or three or sometimes even four! each year. I started by finding places via the internet, then make dozens and dozens of calls and talk to outfitters about DIY, semi-guided, fully-guided, the whole bit. My idea of a quality hunt is going where there are turkeys in the woods. If they don't cooperate, thats my problem. What doesn't thrill me are fancy lodges, fancy food (allthough I will eat it! :)) and too many hunters or hosts that really don't care. If there are turkeys in the woods to try for, then I will sleep outside on a burlap sack and eat bark for dinner, but if there are no turkeys and I'm sitting on someones deer operation or pine plantation for four days then all the extra hospitality doesn't make me happier. I know its called hunting not 'getting' and that despite somone's best efforts it always doesn't work out the way we plan it! I'm sure that any of you that are in the same game that I am know what I am talking about. Finally, I don't make 2 million dollars a year. I'm an average Joe by most any angle that you look at me. Since having hunting in over 20 states now I have met lots of folks and have some friends that invite me back each year. I'm not an expert, and I'm not a hot shot or anything like that, just a guy that LOVES turkey hunting, and plans to spend as much time doing it as possible.

So, what I am hoping to find because I just simply cannot find any good leads on my own is a place to hunt in Louisiana. I am hoping to get down there sometime in March and get a new state on the board and some early hunting in.

Any of you guys know anybody that might be able to help me out?

Here are the states I have hunted and would be GLAD to share with you my experiences with land and outfitters;
Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oregon, California, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oaklahoma, Pennslyvaina, Kansas

Please let me know if you have a good contact for me,

God bless,

Robert Kopanic
262 880 - 5012

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