Strange things happen

For many, hunting can be a spiritual experience. Share those insights here. Hunters of all faiths and traditions are welcome.
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Strange things happen

Postby DBraman » May 12th, 2010, 11:03 am

Two of my buddies and I left for Kansas the other day to hunt turkey. We left southern Texas and made it as far as Ft. Worth before we needed fuel. We stopped at a Shell station and got fuel, some snacks, and water.(None of us knew at the time that my buddy left his wallet on top of the gas pump) Back in the truck we started driving again towards NE Kansas. When we arrived in Paul's Valley, Ok we stopped again at a store for some water and decided to top the fuel tank off. This is when one of my buddies realized that he had lost his wallet. We spent 45 minutes to an hour looking under the seats, floor board mats, console, and every other place we could think of. It had started to get dark so we decided that since we were already stopped we would have dinner. We walked in a cafe and some lady immediately rushed us into their freezer due to a tornado warning. After 30 minutes in the freezer we were allowed to come out and eat. My buddy was sick about his wallet, credit cards, and various other things inside it. Then it dawned on me. Had we not lost the wallet we would have driven right into the tornado in Oklahoma City that I'm sure most of you saw on the news. When we did go through there we saw nine big trucks turned over on the highway. ALso, there was a Love's truck stop that looked like it had exploded. My point is that I am convinced it was divine intervention that saved us from big trouble if not saved our lives. After telling this to my buddy, he no longer had any worries about his wallet. Furthermore, as it turned out his brother did get off work and was able to make it up here. His brother brought his passport so he could get a hunting license. We've heard alot of birds and the land we are hunting looks real good. Never hurts to have one's faith strengthened I say. Good luck hunting to all!!!!!!
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