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Introduce yourself to the forum. Say hello and give a bit about why you love turkey hunting.
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Postby JeffCrez » April 21st, 2010, 12:09 pm

Guess I'll take advantage of this new thread and introduce myself. My name is Jeff Creswell, I just turned 60 in Jan. Married no kids. Been a lifelong hunter since growing up on a dairy farm in NYS. With 5 sisters, no brothers or neighbors close by I spent my childhood roaming the farm with bb gun. My father and his friends all hunted so there was little question about whether I would. Hunted deer and killed a few including a nice Montana Whitetail. Got interested in bird dogs during the 70's. Had three nice English Setters that I hunted and field trialed with good success. Mostly pheasants, grouse and woodcock (my favorite). Iv'e hunted in NY, Maine, Canada and Montana. In 1979 soon after going to work for IBM, I was diagnosed with MS a chronic/progressive nerve disorder. I decided at that point I was going to keep hunting and fishing no matter what.
Having to curtail my walking some, I became a boat fisherman and had many great trips to Canada trout fishing and also Lake Ontario in NY for Browns, Lakers and Salmon.
Around 1990 I started turkey hunting knowing that a hunt where the game comes to you might be ideal for a guy losing his mobility. I was able to get around the woods using two canes and actually started killing gobblers. Over time my walking has become more limited and I now use a 4X4 ATV to get to my setups. (I know a lot of you hate them, but for me it was that or give up turkey hunting. (Not an option) About 15 yrs ago, I bought myself 50 acres in Otsego County NY where I built a small hunting cabin. Yes I'm slowing down some after fighting MS for about 35 yrs but you know where I'll be on May 1st. I'd be out there If I had to crawl.......JeffCrez.

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