call tones

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call tones

Postby grizzly » October 4th, 2009, 9:08 am

got my first hunting in sat. evening and i went out this morning . i,ve been seeing a small flock of turkeys all week in the feild so i set up 5 yards of the feild. about after an hour they show up .i started talking to them i was using a cane creek call that i have fell in love with but it's a pretty raspy tone the big hen in the flock clucked some and then lead them down the feild away from me . in fall seasons before i used a lynch jet which is much softer i plan on going back that to it . my qestion is do you use the same calls in the fall as you do in the spring and what kind of calls do you use meaning cluck, yelp,kee- kee, etc. [:)] wayne

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mark hay
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RE: call tones

Postby mark hay » October 4th, 2009, 9:54 am

I like to be what I call ''DELIBERATE'' in my calling .
I deliberately make Higher pitches , in the spring , to not give the gobbler any excuse for mistaking my call for another gobbler. I do the same in the fall when I'm attempting to work a hen .A sassy,  loud, young hen can really make an older girl mad.
When I'm targeting fall gobblers it's Deep'n'Slow croaking yelps ,,, again , theirs no mistaking. Also , a mite slower than hen , but still coarse, is some gobbler cutts.
And as someone else said ''DEEP , HOLLOW GOBBLER CLUCKS'.
But , as you know , there is nothing set in stone concerning turkeys . I was yelping like a gobbler and had a hen respond . I ignored her and after a few minutes I yelped again like a gobbler . She called back again . I change my position by 40-50 yards and began calling to her like a younger hen . She , and 8 other hens ran hard to get to me .
Good hunting

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