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Postby putt » March 16th, 2013, 3:25 pm

This note is an update for you folks interested in tick-repellants for hunting clothing. I’m adding it to this old topic due to the amount of detailed tick repellant discussion already here.

My son & his wife recently moved to New England, not too far from Lyme, Connecticut, where the nasty tick-borne disease first surfaced. So I was at the Insect Shield website in order to send him a weblink about their tick-repellant clothing. While at the website I found that they now have an “Insect Shield your own clothes” option.

For $9.95 plus shipping they’ll treat your favorite hunting clothes with their permethrin process. Supposed to be good for 70 washings, same as their other treated clothing.

I recently bought a second pair of ElimiTick camo pants with their treatment. The pants are a bit pricey, so if I’d known about this option I’d likely have instead sent them a pair of my old camo pants for treatment.

It’s getting close to turkey season, so I probably won’t be sending my favorite camo off for treatment this spring. Maybe later in the year.

Here’s the weblink if it sounds interesting:
http://www.insectshield.com/PDF/IS%20Yo ... 20form.pdf

If anyone decides to try it I’d be interested in hearing about your experience.


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