sunday miss in santa barbra

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sunday miss in santa barbra

Postby thumper » April 4th, 2011, 12:37 pm

Went up to Lake Cachuma sunday. Left at 3:30 from pasadena and i was set up at 5:30. Super quiet at first, usually the gobblers are sounding off early but I could'nt get a peep out of them. I thought maybe thay didnt like my spot anymore? At grey light I heard the 1st gobble and it was'nt coming from the trees they had roosted in in the past. Great, now what do I do? Ive been hunting these birds for three years now and I thought I was finally gonna kill one "cuz I had them figured out!" ya right. The set-up goes like this.
    The turkeys roost in tall oaks about 200 yds into the Los Padres National Forest. In the mourning they fly down and feed thier way to a squatter village within the National Forest where they are safe, because of proximity rules and the squatters themselves who seem to think the turkeys belong to them? So every time I hunt this spot I know point "A" and point "B" but the line between "A" and "B" is allways different.
    This time I possitioned myself up on a hill that I could observe two known trails to point "B" I could hear the tukeys working thier way right to me and then... Nothin, zippo, silence. I stopped calling and sat still for a half an hour when somthing caught my eye as I was scanning my head to the right? 40 yards to my right and behind me a turkey ran up the hill to safety. Somehow the crafty critters swung wide around me? Then I saw another Tom working up the hill behind the first one! I swung around and put my 30 yd pin right on his chest and my arrow almost chopped his foot off. Maybe next week. At least I will have a rangefinder next time. My old one was left in a golfcart on thursday.IDIOT!!! Oh well if it was easy anyone could do it right? Not just us pathetically obssesed few.[:)]
Untill next time
p.s. I know im not the only hunter in cali lets hear more from the Golden State

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RE: sunday miss in santa barbra

Postby Lumpy » May 21st, 2011, 3:12 am

Sounds like an exciting hunt.
My season didn't fair to well, I mean I helped others get their birds, but never pulled the trigger myself.
Here are a few pictures.
God Bless



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RE: sunday miss in santa barbra

Postby mark hay » May 22nd, 2011, 10:19 am

Stay after them Thumper.
 Congrats on your success Lumpy. Fine looking birds .

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