sighting in your shotgun

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sighting in your shotgun

Postby eddie234 » August 30th, 2008, 7:26 am

when you sight in your shotgun do you use the bench and sandbags, just like your rifle?
I was sighting in my shotgun the other day and by the time I was done I was flinching so bad because of the kick on the last shot I jerked and missed the whole target.
Any suggestions on what will help, other that an expensive rest.

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RE: sighting in your shotgun

Postby Steve_Conover » August 30th, 2008, 10:24 am

Hello Eddie,
When sighting in a shotgun, a bench and sandbags are great; however, for practicing your shooting you should do it from a position that is similar to what you will encounter when turkey hunting.  For lots of people that is on low-boy stool or even sitting on the ground.
When you are doing the bench shooting you can put a small sandbag between your shoulder and the gun.  I do this with my 300 magnum sometimes, and it keeps you from getting punished.  Also, a good slip on pad will help take the bite out, and you can use one of those from a bench and hunting too.
Here is an artice that is a bit out-dated, but you might enjoy reading it anyway:
Now that you have developed a flinch, put the punisher away for a few days and do some shooting with a 22 rifle - you will soon get rid of the flinch.  When you start back with the shotgun, build up gradually, use a pad, and don't shoot too much at any one time.
Good Luck with your shooting,
Steve Conover

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RE: sighting in your shotgun

Postby allaboutshooting » August 30th, 2008, 12:20 pm

Hey Eddie,

Steve gave you some excellent advice. I use the Shooter's Friend Recoil pad as well. It's just a great product. It's inexpensive and it works as advertised.

I have found that my guns will shoot to a different point of impact when I sight them in at the bench and then shoot them as I would when I'm hunting.

If I'm just testing a shotshell or a choke tube, I'll shoot from the bench, at "big paper", at least 36" x 36". When I want to sight in my turkey gun, or still target competition gun, I'll do some bench work but my final sighting in is my hunting or competition position.

I also agree with Steve on taking a few days off and then getting out your .22 rifle. That gun has no kick and will allow you to get back to good shooting habits.

One last recommendation is to purchase a good set of ear plugs and a good set of ear muffs. They will not only help you protect your hearing but also help with lessening the fatigue caused by the loud noise of shooting. They can also help you keep from flinching by protecting you from the continued "boom" of a shotgun. We not only flinch from being "punched" but also from loud noises.

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