I had almost forgotten an "old friend".

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I had almost forgotten an "old friend".

Postby allaboutshooting » October 20th, 2008, 5:30 am

I had almost forgotten just how good the "old white" Hevi-13 shotshells were. Doris and I both have been under the weather for the last 10 days or so. We've just been trying to get by doing the minimum and hope we'd get well soon and be able to do all the things that need doing around here.

Yesterday, I felt well enough to go out and sight-in a couple of shotguns so that we'd be ready for the Illinois fall gun turkey season that starts on the 25th.

I picked-up a Winchester SX3 and a Mossberg SSI-One and just because I saw them, a box of "Old White" H-13 shells with 1.75 oz. of #6 shot.

The SSI-One had an SSX turkey choke with a .670 exit diameter and the SX3 had a Wright's #3 with a .650 exit diameter.

I put up some NWTF stll target shooting targets with 36" x 36" butcher paper behind. For whatever reason, both guns shot slightly to the right but both delivered astounding patterns that would have killed any turkey out at the 40 yard range I was shooting.

The remarkable thing to me was that the same shell was shot through 2 guns about as different as you can imagine and yet patterns were astoundingly similiar.

The SSI-One has a 3.5" chamber, a 24" ported barrel with a .775 inside diameter and was equipped with a choke tube with a .670 exit diameter.

The SX3 has a 3" chamber, a 28" non-ported barrel with a .742 inside diameter and was equipped with a choke tube with a .650 exit diameter.

With all those differences, the patterns were almost identical!

The other very pleasant thing was that recoil was almost non-existent. I've always compared the recoil of "OW" to a Winchester AA trap load. When you pull the trigger, you know your world will not get rocked, only the world of the turkey who is out in front of you. That makes it very easy to squeeze the trigger!

This shell has been out of production for 3 years but I still have some and will likely take them on a hunt this year.

It's just nice to see "an old friend" again and remember how it used to be.

"If he's out of range, it just means that he has another day and so do you."

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