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Postby Alaska Gray » October 25th, 2008, 1:14 pm

This spring I will be turkey hunting for the first time. I decided to go with my bow. Is there any pointers any can give me? Will a regular BH work or should I go with a turkey BH? Thanks
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RE: Bow

Postby zipperman351 » October 26th, 2008, 4:54 pm

Been hunting turks for 15 years and the last 5 iv been killing them in KY and Ohio with my son and friends i bought a dubble bull t-5 blind and thats the secret!!!! Some guys dont think its right to hunt from them but its our owen prefrence ..But I dont like tag soup...Iv shot them with bows and guns from dbb at 5 yards and at 30..your movement is the give away on turks...zipperman

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RE: Bow

Postby hoosierhunter » October 27th, 2008, 5:21 am

Welcome to the forum. I have just killed my first two birds with an arrow, though I have many birds by gun, and this is my reccomendation. If possible turn down the poundage of your bow to 45-50lbs. in an effort to keep the shaft in the bird, also there is a product or products that go on your shaft, some called turkey stoppers, that prevent arrow fly throughs, and then as far as broadheads go if your skilled enough maybe a big blade guillitine type razor head is for you. In the case of the first bird my bow was set at 60 lbs and the arrow hit him perfect at the but of the wing from 10yds he took off to fly but couldn't because of the damage to the left wing and ran into a swollen creek and thats the last I saw of him. the second bird was at 45yds and the arrow speed at declined considerably because of the distance and the arc of the arrow flight help pin the bird to the ground resulting in a recovery less than 20 ft from where she was hit. One bird was shot from a blind and one from good cover, although I highly recommend the use of a blind.
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