20ga Federal Flitecntrl HW #6's tested

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20ga Federal Flitecntrl HW #6's tested

Postby CB on the run » April 23rd, 2009, 1:49 pm

I finally was able to shoot the new Federal HW Flitecontrol 20 ga shells.  I shoot a custom Remington 1100 with a 22" ported barrel.  I compared the Federal shells to the H-13 shells that I have shot for the last several seasons.  The Federal patterned better but only out of my orginal Remington super full choke(.570).  This combo put 156 hits on the Outters life size turkey target at 37 yards(range finder used), with 15 killing hits in the head and 16 in the neck.  My after market choke has a diameter of .555 and didn't due near as well placing 133 hits on the paper with H-13 #6's and 119 hits with the Federal HW #6.  When the Federal representative talked with me prior to ordering, he did tell me to try them out of a regular full or even modified choke.  Apparently tighter is not better when using these particular rounds.

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RE: 20ga Federal Flitecntrl HW #6's tested

Postby icdedturkes » April 26th, 2009, 8:00 am

And once again we have an example of the drawbacks of the FCW system. It may be an asset to guys shooting a Fac Mod or Full choke producing better patterns, but does not reach the full potential of the loading that could be achieved with a standard wad.
Federal is successful with this junk wad as a marketing gimmick but until it is dropped will never reach the top of the heap.
I look forward with playing with the 7s whenever they become availiable[:@]
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